The Challenge

Full disclosure, juggling the details, and long term client referrals are just a few of the challenges that face todayís real estate agents. Finding success in the process will reflect directly on your bottom line.

The Choice

Our home inspection's can enhance the agent's chances for success. First, the trust established with the buyer is important for the transaction and can help you to build a solid, long-term client referral network. In addition, revealing serious problems before the close of escrow reduces the likelihood of litigation against you. While an inspection will not relieve you of your legal obligation for disclosure, it does demonstrate that you provided the buyer with an opportunity to obtain objective and professional information about the condition of the house.

Long Term Benefits to YOU

The home construction and maintenance information that you as an agent gain during an inspection puts you at an advantage. Youíll increase improve your ability to accurately evaluate future homes for marketing. If questions do arise in contract negotiations, you will be in a better position to help mediate and expedite your sales transaction.

Sellerís Inspection

Generally, this helps the seller to prepare their property for a quicker and smoother sale. A pre-purchase home inspection helps demonstrate your good faith effort to protect the sellerís interests. These are becoming more popular as a way to identify necessary repairs and to help reduce the secondary negotiations, which commonly occur once the buyers obtain their own reports.

Buyerís Inspection

When you recommend a pre-purchase home inspection, you enhance your reputation with the buyer by showing your understanding of the importance of such a major purchase. Encourage the buyer to attend the inspection for first-hand information. This will increase their satisfaction and help to reduce possible surprises after close of escrow.

The First Step

To place an order: call 408-370-9192. If you have questions also feel welcome to call. Whether youíre a new agent or an old pro, we can assist you assist your client in getting the most out of your inspection.

Your Risk

At the very least, youíll benefit from our experience and -qualifications. At most, youíll leverage your teamís results. We offer a money back guarantee based on your client's satisfaction.


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